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      Call Us


      Friday Hours: 9:00am-1:00pm
      432 West 38th Street, New York City NY

      WELE TO
      Popular Carpet Floor Covering

      Call Now For A Free Estimate! 212-246-1946

      Popular Carpet Distributors is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau Online


      Supplying and installing carpet, carpet tiles and other floor covering for Manhattan and New York City area customers is what Popular Carpet is all about. (Installations in New York Area Only, Products However Shipped All Over The Continental U.S.A.) A vast selection of sheet vinyl, linoleum, carpet tile and discounted first quality carpeting helps us make style affordable again. Manhattan based Popular Carpet New York is a member of the New York Metro and Online Better Business Bureau. Experience, ability and 36 plus years of customer service is only a phone call away!


      The Lion King Show at the Minskoff Theater & Grand Central Station Carpeted By Popular Carpet Manhattan New York!

      Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal has a new artwork in the form of carpeting. Read about this project by Popular Carpet Distributors in the New York Times: Click here...


      FREE ESTIMATES! (212) 246-1946

      Recent Projects

      Off to work we go!
      Turn on the house lights!
      Balcony almost ready!
      We love the Midtown Manhattan Theaters!
      Details! Details! Details!
      Solid Brass Stair Noses!

      Why Us

      Featured Products

      Area Rugs in New York City, NY
      Area Rugs
      Our selection of area rugs offers the perfect bination of beauty,...
      Carpeting in New York City, NY
      We offer a vast selection of carpet consisting of various textures,...
      Ceramic/Porcelain in New York City, NY
      Our selection of ceramic tile flooring offers the perfect bination of...
      Fibers/Backing in New York City, NY
      The basic fibers that are used to manufacture carpets today are Nylon,...
      Installation Materials in New York City, NY
      Installation Materials
      We are your source for flooring tools & installation supplies for carpet,...
      Laminate Flooring in New York City, NY
      Laminate Flooring
      Our selection of laminate flooring offers the perfect bination of...
      LVT/LVP in New York City, NY
      Looking for a luxury vinyl flooring for your home or office? Luxury Vinyl...
      Specialty Floors in New York City, NY
      Specialty Floors
      There are four important factors to look for in high-traffic mercial...
      Vinyl/Resilient in New York City, NY
      Our selection of vinyl sheet flooring offers the perfect bination of...
      Waterproof Flooring in New York City, NY
      Waterproof Flooring
      Waterproof flooring mimics the look of natural products like wood or stone...
      Wood Flooring in New York City, NY
      Wood Flooring
      Our selection of wood flooring offers the perfect bination of beauty,...

      mercial Services


      Buildings used for academic or technical classroom instruction.


      Buildings used to offer multiple acmodations for short-term.


      Buildings in which people gather for social or recreational activities.


      Buildings used as diagnostic and treatment facilities for patient care.

      Multi Family/Housing

      Buildings used to offer multiple acmodations perment and long-term residents.


      Buildings used for general office space, professional office, or administrative offices.

      Religious Worship

      Buildings in which people gather for religious activities.


      Buildings used for preparation and sale of food and beverages for consumption.


      Buildings used for the sale and display of goods other than food.

      Service Buildings

      Buildings in which some type of service is provided, other than food service or retail sales


      Buildings used to store goods, manufactured products, merchandise, self-storage.

      A quality selection of productsread more